Thursday, September 13, 2007

I should Coco

For those keen to catch an early glimpse of Keira Knightley's new advertising campaign for Chanel, log on now to the Coco Mademoiselle website!
Keira Knightley in the new advertising campaign

In addition to a guided tour of Chanel's apartment at the famous 31, rue Cambon headquarters, you will get a preview of the ad. In it, Keira appears wearing nothing but a white men's shirt and a bowler hat, which she flips off to slip into a red silk evening dress. The dress is a bit too large on her and she flashes her chipmunk smile, but on the whole she is credible as a young Chanel muse. I only wish she did not keep telling the world how infrequently she showers. It does creep back to you when you're watching the ad...

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