Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy feet

Pierre Hardy, the über-trendy French shoe designer, is set to design a capsule collection for The Gap. This is a bit as if Roger Vivier did a collection for Nine West! In other words, definitely to be checked out and snapped up.
Pierre Hardy
A stunning Pierre Hardy foot sculpture (also known as a shoe)

Hardy has a jewel-box boutique in the Palais-Royal that also sells his covetable handbags with contrasting leather trim. He also designs the shoe collections for Balenciaga, including this winter's must-have sneaker stiletto.
Pierre Hardy
Hardy's futuristic shoe for Balenciaga's fall-winter collection

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Steff said...

please... i'm looking now for very long for those lego-style heels. =( I wanna buy them, but i can't find them. CAN PLZ ANYONE GIMME A HINT?
thx in advance

(send answer to ""
thx again)