Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Color me pink

The French ELLE that landed in my mailbox yesterday was roughly ten times the size of last week's, signalling the end to the dreaded summer magazine drought. French ELLE is a weekly that gradually shrinks as the summer months drag on and Paris offices empty out. Astro guides and bogus quizzes abound. But this week, it was all about the hot new winter trends, and one of my favorite is color. Aside from purple, which is turning out to be the hottest shade for winter, they were also touting emerald green, marigold yellow and my absolute favorite, fuchsia pink. To wit, this absolutely stunning Lanvin stiletto heel that is more objet d'art than actual footwear...

The color trend was all over the catwalks last spring, but whenever I see anything so eye-catching, I tend to dismiss it as a gimmick for the cameras. I wonder how many women will be brave enough to don this top-to-toe look?
DiorStella McCartney
Dior comes over all chartreuse (left); Stella McCartney pops a fuchsia pink all-in-one

Me? I'm going with colored tights for starters, and then we'll see...

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