Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Not To Wear - Part One

So, the good news for all you curvy girls out there is that skinny jeans are no longer obligatory for summer. The bad news is, they are facing heavy competition from wide leg jeans. Being tall, I love wide-legged trousers, but the denim version just conjures up one word - flares. Yes people, these are bona fide 1970s flares masquerading as a hot new trend.
Exhibit A:
Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes is wondering where her feet went

Exhibit B:
Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz on her way to audition for the Janis Joplin biopic

My advice? Don't do it!

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numaleon said...

Nice pics and photos. I saw you work in a spanish magazine and I really like it.