Monday, April 02, 2007

Samsonite ups the cool factor

Samsonite has been working hard to make its brand name cool. After tapping Alexander McQueen to design a skeleton-themed luggage collection, it has hired Christina Ricci as the face of its vintage-inspired Fashionaire line.
Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci wearing a Sophia Kokosalaki dress at the launch party for the Fashionaire line in New York City last week

Cameron Silver, the owner of vintage boutique Decades in Los Angeles, acted as consultant on the 13-piece collection of black-and-white flower patterned suitcases, handbags and small leather goods. Ricci won't appear in any advertising for the line, but will act as its global ambassador.
Alexander McQueen
A few samples of the Alexander McQueen collection for Samsonite

Although the two lines could not be more different, I like them both. The idea of having coordinated luggage always makes me think of airport snapshots of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in the 1960s. So what shall it be...romantic, or morbid? Morbid, or romantic? Can I have both?

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