Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Slimane & Dior - the saga continues...

After nine months of negotiations, I have almost lost the will to care if Hedi Slimane is going to stay on as menswear designer for Dior Homme. Industry bible Women's Wear Daily reports that executives at Dior have also reached breaking point and are ready to part with their star designer.
Hedi Slimane
Dior menswear designer Hedi Slimane

"The French fashion house and the designer have been in protracted talks to renew Slimane's Dior Homme contract — and to establish a signature fashion house — with majority ownership of the Slimane brand said to be among the most contentious clauses," WWD reports in Wednesday's edition. "Christian Dior is said to be keen to move on, 'fed up' with Slimane's demands, which have made talks drag on for almost a year and dented morale among the rank and file, according to one source."
Indeed, the last Dior menswear show in January lacked the sizzle of previous seasons. There were the celebrity guests (Karl Lagerfeld, Neil Tennant), the minimalist set (neon lights and rows of black speakers), the trendy soundtrack (I forget which hot new indie band was featured this season), but after the show everyone just got up and left. It was as if the fashion pack were just going through the motions, and when that happens, you either need a change of direction from the designer himself, or just a change of designers full stop.

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