Monday, March 26, 2007

La Labo nose its scents

The fashion world is all abuzz with the perfume creations of Le Labo, not least because each bottle features a label printed with your own name.
Le Labo

It's all part of the craze for customization, but does packaging really qualify? A real custom-made fragrance can cost several thousand dollars. La Labo, which is based in New York, claims to formulate each of its fragrances "by hand, on demand." Does this mean they are mixed fresh in front on your eyes, or simply bottled? I don't know. The line is carried at Colette in Paris now, so I will check it out. La Labo is said to be developing a special fragrance for Colette that will go on sale in September, as part of the ongoing celebrations of the multi-brand store's 10th anniversary.

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andrea said...

They have an outpost in Barneys New York and they do mix them up while you wait. The Rose fragrance is particularly nice, especially if you like the Comme des Garcons fragrances. The same person (Marc Buxton?) created Rose as some of the Comme fragrances. The patchouli is really nice also, but you have to see how it dries down, because it didn't smell so good on me after awhile. If you are considering one of these fragrances, I advise you to test them out a few times before you make your decision because they dry down very differently than when you first spray them on.