Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Courrèges at a snip

The latest designer house to collaborate with French mail order retailer La Redoute is Courrèges - the inventor of the Space Age trapeze dress. Its offerings in the spring-summer catalogue include this great white dress - so retro!
The Courrèges trapeze dress for summer 2007

The French brand is one of the few (together with Louis Vuitton) that never holds a sale, so this may be your only chance to get some non-vintage Courrèges at a semi-reasonable price. The dress is still quite expensive at 170 euros. Cheaper options include tennis shoes at 60 euros and a vinyl bag at 130 euros - both in my very favorite shade of Courrèges orange. I have been lusting after the small rectangular version of the orange bag for a while now, but prices start at 250 euros in the store.

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