Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kate perfume due soon

Life is smelling sweet for Kate Moss now she has ditched her spotty heroin addict boyfriend Pete Doherty - so sweet that she is on the verge of launching her own perfume in September.
Kate Moss
The ad campaign for Kate perfume by Kate Moss

Simply called Kate, the scent features floral notes of orange flower, rose and magnolia with base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and vetiver. The fragrance, which has been developed with Coty the people who also produce scents for Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez), will go on sale first in Asia and Europe, according to the French edition of Vogue magazine. The United States will have to wait an extra year.

PS: At first glance, the bottle looks a bit like Anna Sui perfume, don't you think?


zoe said...

this perfume stinks of toilet freshener and the bottle looks cheap in reality, not a good buy but a goodbye

Anonymous said...

you make the stench of a toilet
& im sure your face looks cheap in reality too. so i wouldnt talk much

zoe said...

Really? You sound so clever, you should write for Vanity Fair. Your eloquence precedes you, oh no's that perfume you are wearing, so classy, just like your comment. Bye bye,

Anonymous said...

oh.. and this is coming from someone who suggested the perfume stinks of toilet freshner ?
one should start to question if your vocabulary outways a five year old.
and by noticing you would actualy know the stench of toilet freshner should perhaps suggest that you may need to get out more.
bye dear.

zoe said...

If you want to give me a lame reply should should learn how to spell first, dummy

Anonymous said...

"If you want to give me a lame reply should SHOULD** learn how to spell first, dummy"

you repeat words and even if you didnt, it still wouldnt make sense?
and you call me a dummy?
your a funny one.

zoe said...

you're boring me now.

Peter said...

I agree with zoe,you should be embarrassed by your comments, they show how stupid you really are. She was expressing an opinion about a perfume, and you took it as a personal insult. YOU should get out more.

Natushka said...

If the perfume comes from Kate Moss it must smell like shit, once she has no taste in men how can you ever believe that she will have a good sense of smell or even common sense after dating that Peter who always looked dirty and seemed afraid of water. She should have called her perfume Peter O'Shite! Once she was dating a complete dirty, obnoxious shit bag just like her!

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