Friday, December 15, 2006

Eau de Kate

To all my friends who have complained of Kate Moss overdose, I apologize in advance. In a matter of months, you will be able to not only look like her (courtesy of Topshop's Moss-designed line) but also smell like her. Rumor has it that Moss will soon join the ranks of celebrities bringing out their own perfume. Trade newspaper Women's Wear Daily reports that Moss has signed a fragrance licensing deal with Coty, the beauty firm that she already works for as the face of Rimmel make-up. Let me guess - top notes of gin, middle notes of marijuana and a drydown of stale cigarettes? Err...maybe not! The deal is strictly hush-hush for the time being, but I'll keep you posted.
Back in the days...Kate Moss in an ad for Calvin Klein's Obsession

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