Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Love Courtney

Courtney Love has had almost as many comebacks as Liz Taylor, but I am thrilled to see her looking her edgiest best on the cover of the latest edition of Pop magazine.
The Pop cover by Mert & Marcus

Lest her fashion influence be obscured by the tabloid antics (which include incidents of air rage and flashing her breasts at strangers), it is worth remembering that Love has starred in advertising campaigns for Gianni Versace shot by Richard Avedon - this was when even Versace, the king of bling, was doing heroin chic in the 90s.
A visual from the Versace campaign featuring a clean Courtney

She has also shot some dubious spreads with kitschmeister David LaChapelle, including a picture in which she cradles a dead Kurt Cobain lookalike that has angered fans of the late singer.
The cover of David LaChapelle's upcoming book "Heaven to Hell"


Anonymous said...

It was actually a coincident that he looks like Kurt Cobain, he was LaChapelles boyfriend and didn't really look like Kurt usually. :)

Anonymous said...

But instead of crucifixion wounds, the man has similar wounds on his arm that could be seen to represent syringe injection marks.

There are also a stack of pills and medicines on a table in the shot.

After Kurt's death, enough heroin to kill three people was found in his system.

Instead of a loincloth the man wears branded underpants and he is blonde, just like Kurt.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/online/article65104.ece#ixzz0hnaMS8Ah

Anonymous said...


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